Bin Numbers - What Information do you receive?

There is a plethora of information available when you scan bin numbers. First, a "bin" or bank identification number is the first six digits of a credit, debit, prepaid, or gift card. For instance; if you have a credit card with the number "0123 4567 8901 2345," the "0123 45" would be the bin numbers.

There are 11 different fields in most database systems, and each one of them offer information about the card being used. Let's look over the different types of information available:

1. Bin Number

2. Card Brand- This area will tell you if it's a Visa, Mastercard, Discover, AMEX, etc.

3. Issuer - This is the the institution providing the card. In most cases, a bank's name will be listed here.

4. Type of Card - Whether it's a credit, debit, gift, or prepaid card.

5. Category - While most people have standard cards, there are different types of options available. A great example of this would be the AMEX Black Card or MasterCard Gold.

6. Country - Credit cards are available in almost every country, so business owners need to know if they are from acceptable areas.

7. A2 Code and A3 Code - These are basically additional abbreviations of the country where the card is issued.

9. Issuing Country Number - This is a 3-digit number to associated the card with the country. You will usually see it as the ISO number. ISO stands for; International Organization for Standardization.

10. URL - You will come across a URL. This is the web address for the organization issuing the card.

If for whatever reason you need to contact them regarding the bin numbers, there could also be a field where a phone number is available. It really depends on the bin numbers lookup system you end up using. Whatever the case may be, it's a program that needs to be used if you plan to reduce the risk of fraudulent purchases.

This information can be used to cross-check the information online. If there are discrepencies then the purchase can be declined. This alleviates the potential for chargebacks, which also eliminates additional fees or increased rates the business owner might incur.

While all of this should be taken seriously, it's not something you will see unless there is a problem. A bin numbers search online is an automated process if you're willing to download it to your website. This type of software is the only way to truly combat the likes of unauthorized purchases.

However, now that you understand how bin numbers and a bin number lookup works, it should be an easy transition. Just make sure you're using the best database out there. This way the information is accurate and can help you reduce the overall risk of online scams.